To rank, a website in a specific country try to put your website in the business listing sites for faster ranking. Use phone number, email ids, and your address in the site as for google it seems authentic which helps to increase the ranking of the site. You should also optimize the off-page and on-page of your site. Always do the on page of your site before making the backlinks as this will help in better results.

Try to create quality backlinks, instead of focusing on quantity try to focus mainly on quality as this will help you in long run. Check competitors backlinks and work accordingly. Use only original content avoid duplicate content in your site. Check your website on daily basis for any type of error.

For international ranking try to use the name of that country in your domain. This will help you a lot in the eye of google to rank on the search result. Using these country-specific domains helps a lot like a user searching in Dubai a particular service than he will found your site higher than the other sites in that country related to that service which that user is finding.

Use relevant keywords that will give you the business, avoid informative keywords if you are selling any kind of service as this will only increase the traffic of your site but will not give any kind of profit and business.

Use the tools like google search console and google analytics as this will help you to make decisions and will tell you about your mistakes, google analytics will help you to analyze the traffic of your site and on the other hand, Google search console which is also known as webmaster will help you to give the command to google for the purpose of indexing. And helps to track other information related to your site.

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