You’ve been waiting for this moment, and now that you are finally ready to make the jump to modern web design we know it must be hard. But don’t worry! The experts at Zen Webnet can help guide your way through a redesign so as not affect SEO rankings in any way—no matter what kind of site or industry its about (we even have templates tailored specifically towards eCommerce businesses).

Audit your Website

A website audit is a great way to get an understanding of your site and how it’s doing. There are many tools available for this type of analysis, like SEMrush or Ahref+. To do one properly though requires some time since you’re analyzing every page on the entire domain!

Research your current website

Find out details regarding:

  • Your current domain ranking
  • Keywords that your website ranks for most
  • Potential keywords you can rank for later on

Keep the old site live

You’ll want to download the site files so that if any changes are needed, they can easily be updated. There’s no risk of losing data either since you’ll have both versions on hand in case anything gets deleted or changed!

Block from Robots.txt

After you have shifted to the new design, ensure that any corrupt robot.txt files are corrected before uploading your website for 1 day so it can be crawled properly with no errors on its first day of operation as well!

Do proper 301 redirects 

Making sure that 301 redirects are applied for every page with the new URLs, these will help ensure a smoother user experience. If you’re going to change your web page structure in anyway do not forget about applying proper 302 and/or 404 error pages so there’s no confusion on what has happened or where they should go next!

On-page optimization + Technical SEO

If you are updating your website structure and content of pages, make sure not to change the meta title or description. This can maintain stability in ranking for web sites that undergo these changes as well; additionally it is important to keep them relevant by completing regular technical audits on time too!

SEO Off Page Activities