Practical tips to start conversation in seminar

Seminars are mostly conducted to enhance our knowledge and skills and acquaint us with the latest in the industry. While it is essential to listen attentively during a seminar, in order derive maximum out of the session you must also ask questions and engage completely. However, we understand it is not easy for most especially when you do not have much knowledge about the subject being covered.

To ease the task for you, we bring to you ten practical tips to start a conversation in seminar:

  • Relax

While you aim to start a conversation during the seminar, do not fret over how and when to do it as you enter the venue. Just relax, stay calm and go with the flow. Don a positive disposition and greet people you come across to begin at a good note. It will also help you connect better with those around when you begin the conversation.

  • Listen Attentively

Listening carefully is an essential prerequisite to begin a conversation not only in a seminar but anywhere. You need to know the context well before you ask or discuss something. So, pay attention to all that is being said in the seminar if you aim to start a conversation.

  • Keep Your Mobile Phone Aside

Mobile phones can be a real distraction. You will never be able to follow the seminar properly if you stay glued to your mobile, starting a conversation is way out of the question. So, put your mobile on silent and keep it aside as you attend the seminar if you really want to catch up on all that is happening during the session.

  • Ask Questions

There may be many points that you may not be able to understand in one go. Do not hesitate to ask questions to clarify your doubts. Asking questions is a good way to begin a conversation and make the experience more engaging. It will also make the seminar is more fulfilling.

  • Debate/ Discuss

There may be certain points in the seminar that you may not agree to. Instead of just sitting and nodding your head at such points, it is a good idea to counter question. This way you will get different perspectives on the point. It is also a great way to start a conversation during a seminar.

  • Jot Down Points

You must do your homework before you head to the seminar. Read about the topic that is to be covered during the seminar. Also, jot down the points that you do not understand and the ones you do not agree with. This way the seminar will make more sense. You will be able to understand the discussion better and will also ease the task of starting a conversation.

  • Use Conversation Threads

You do not have to think hard to start a conversation. You can pick a point and dive into a conversation that is already taking place during the seminar. This way you will become a part of a conversation that has already caught interest of some of the people in seminar. Pay attention to the points that can help you be a part of the conversation.

  • Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with the person heading the seminar is a good way to show your interest in the topic. You may not even require starting a conversation this way. Looking at your keen interest, the other person may strike a conversation and you will just be required to take it forward.

  • Know When to Stop

As you begin the conversation, you must also know when to end it. You may have several questions and counter questions in mind and it is suggested to clarify all your doubts. You may even have a point of view to state. While you must state it clearly however know when to stop. Do not go on and on with your questions or opinion as this can be quite annoying.

  • Make the Most of the Lunch and Water Breaks

It is a good idea to start a conversation with someone with the same opinion or questions as you. You will be able to identify such people when you have attended the seminar partly. You can approach them during the lunch or water break. This is a good way to build connections that can be profitable for your business.

Starting a conversation can be difficult during a seminar but by following the above mentioned points you can do this task effortlessly. Do tell us how these points helped you initiate a conversation during a seminar.